Monday, September 28, 2015

Senior Portrait Tips ( for looking your best for your session )

Solid colors for photographs are key ! This senior did an awesome job color matching our locations for senior photo session images with her clothing choices! I am always willing to do a pre portrait session consultation for any and every photography client that comes to MTM Photography and Custom Edits! 

Flair! Dramatic or unique is always a plus! Your senior portrait images should showcase your personality! Sports, drama, music, hobby, future profession!  I encourage props.. things personal to the senior! Fun things, serious things.. your choice !

So you don't have to have a firetruck to have a cool prop.. but ahhh yeah it sure does help! I love to showcase young up and coming workforce themes in sessions!  

Be you !  Show your style. Discuss your personal style  before your session so your look can be captured with the perfect feel! Seniors rock, shouldn't your photographer ? This isn't just your senior pictures .. this is a senior year experience! 

Doing some fun , some dressy, and some causal images is the best way to get the right images for each person you may way to distribute photos to. Grandmas always like different things than mom and the senior will also be delighted with the ability to choose their looks as well. 

Want to hear more tips? Have questions? I am always taking those things into account for future photography blog posts! So Michigan High School Seniors and Seniors to be... get ready... because the only way to have a session is to have one that rocks! 

989-615-7280 - Bree MTM Owner 

Monday, August 24, 2015

August At MTM Photography And Custom Edits

Hello everyone.. August is almost over already! It has been an exciting month! I recently did a vintage glamour themed Senior session, An awesome Senior Session with a fire truck, took a PPM/PPA Merit education class and am gearing up for the fall conference!  I hope to be bringing soooo many more exciting things to MTM!

Ashton looked awesome in her gown and vintage looking items as we shot at the Vassar Theatre in Vassar Michigan! 

I am soooo excited about Tyler's next session!  The firetrucks and fire-hall were awesome "props" for the session! We have more planned! 

Nathan had a fun first session the other week. His mom made it an awesome time and he was just great! I can not .. I mean can not!!!! Wait for our other sessions!!!!!! 

Attended my first Merit class for my  PPA Master Photographer Journey. 1 merit  down 24 to go yeah!!!      ( have to start somewhere) This is to better prepare me for next years IPC . ( International Print Comp ) . I have been a PPA member for a while and a PPM member since recent. My goals are to set myself apart in the sea of photographers people see everywhere! I want to really bring next level quality to my clients! To provide the images they deserve! From time to time I will be taking on special projects for such reasons... ( more info to come ) for that. 

I am starting my Fall Family and back To School Specials ! Get in while there are open spots! Seniors.. fall is approaching we shall be doing fall color sessions before you know it. make sure you have clothing picked out and ready! 

Have A great One! Thanks For Reading and Supporting Dream!  

Saturday, July 18, 2015

My thoughts, my work, my goals .. me!

On a 

Slightly more personal note... 

The other day I wrote about some of my projects, my goals, my wish list of accomplishments.. I want to further establish that in my blog!  

You will see a few changes... I have been working on 


Packages and Packaging 

I have been working hard on packages, packaging, creative new items such as the Simply Said Line.. and so on.. I realized how much I love designing and creativity. I decided if it can help me reach my goals it is a double win!!!  

I Love:

Well.. as you can see.. I love babies! I love watching them grow! I love working with seniors the fresh creativity is so energizing! E sessions for couples are another favorite!!! I discovered several years back exactly how important good images are.. When you don't have them of certain people or times.. it can be heartbreaking! That's why I have created the "your so worth it " campaign! It breaks my heart to know people are going to someday look back at memories and realize they had went somewhere cheaper and now only have odd color, out of focus, or oddly cropped image. You can't get those times back! It breaks my heart to see it. So I try to have packages and options for almost every budget . 

For the love of pets

I love animals. I have been taking my son to volunteer at the Pet Angels in Frankenmuth !!! He loves it.. We want to do some fundraising things for the animals ! It is what we love !!!

Thanks for reading! I look forward to hearing from you! 

Friday, July 17, 2015

New things are happening

Many new things are happening.. Goals Goals Goals !!!!!

I am raising funds to further my education through PPA and PPM !!!
This means awesome new looks, photography ideas, and such for my clients and comp images! 

 I am sooo excited to announce I will be selling Simply said to raise money to reach my goals.. Many of the products will also work well with my photography!!!  But I can also make props for others and great gifts too! 

( Image from Simply Said website ) 

I have been asked how people can get these items.. We have a few ways. 
1. Direct order from site
2. Order through me
3.Party order 

I am awaiting my first international print comp merits judging...  this is part of my new goals.. 
Yes.. I am nervous! I am also waiting on the printers national print competition! This is something cool for me and the clients!!!! 

I have been looking into ways to make awesome packages for clients wanting to use both services! 

I would love to open up a Q and A for my blog. Inbox questions you think would be great on the blog! 

YouTube is next on my list with expanding Instagram and Pinterest !!! 

Let me know ....what you think.. 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Creativity * July Special * Wedding Beauty * Fundraiser

Tons happening at MTM Photography And Custom Edits Again

Where do I start... well here I will start with the awesome never seen before July Special :

This session is good for any newly booked session in July! I am looking for creative, different, themed.. and so on.. Pennell Farms, Wesleyan Woods, And Millers Orchard have all agreed or worked out something with me to take images at their locations!  Speaking of that.. here is a super cute example piece of just one spot out Pennell Farms.. I just think  this this lil one is super cute and she was a blast! Her family has worked with me when they can for years.. I think they also earned the farthest traveled customers too see me award lol..

I own tons of cute props to make sessions unique, different, and fun! If prop stashes can be an addiction.. I guess I am guilty as charged! 

I am always up for fun weddings and couples sessions! I have many ideas for those too! 

This was such a fun couple.
I Have gotten to work with them 
for a while.

We have also made a trip to Renaissance Fest and fell in love with it

I would actually like to work with people in costume! 

We have also been visiting Pet Angel Cat Rescue In Frankenmuth MI

So many pets in need of a home.. which leads me to a fundraiser with a pet feature in a calendar plus a pet session! 

This is a Instagram shot of the calendars I am looking to make with pet images on them! 

Ok, so this is an outtake from one of my last sessions! I love outtakes! 

Lastly, I would love to let you know I have Hair and MUA locally that would love to help you look your best for a session! 

So to end this awesome blog, I would love to add in an image of some creative fun I have been working on or looking into lately for personal projects and to maybe use for studio too..

I hope you enjoyed seeing all the new things going on with MTM ! 


Photography * Michigan * Unique * Fun * Supporting Local Growth * Love What I Do 

Thursday, May 28, 2015

So social

Well I am trying to keep up with the times... I am adding so much to Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, the blog, small publication submissions and International print comp for PPA !!! As well as selling stock photography. 

We have made it into Surreal Beauty several times as well as Blurring The Lines and Sheeba !!! 
I am so proud of my models I work with and we have several projects and such coming up!!! 

I would love to send in teens for teen submissions to a separate publication!!!

I am looking for Michigan seniors 2016 as well as Michigan students for certain other projects!

Would you like to be part of something Awesome..???? 
Who wouldn't... let's rock a unique style like only you can!!!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Amber ( One of the stylists I collaborate with)

I have been making connections with Hair and or makeup artists. If you would like to be a part of the services I offer feel free to contact me!

Meet Amber from Street Light Style in Vassar.. She has offered to do regular styling for only 10 dollars for my clients! Seniors etc need to be pampered! This is a special time! If you have  other hair needs inquire for pricing. 

I have been a hair professional for 12 years I do cuts, styles, waxing, color, and extensions. 
I work Monday and Wednesday and I'll come in on weekends if needed.

This is one of my 2016 Senior Models! I want to thank her for coming in today! 

Street Light is located in Vassar Across from the Theater. 

Amber is fun and friendly and does a great job!